Your Body Talks To You – 5 Tips For Learning To Listen And Live In Harmony

Between Working Hours, Temperature Changes, Longer Days And Everything Else, Your Body Proves To You Every Day That It Is There To Support You! You Are The Commander In Chief Of What You Expect From Your Body.

And Very Often The Information Goes From Your Brain Directly To The Action On Your Body. Yet It Too Communicates With You.

It Is Able To Tell You Things Even Before You Have Had Time To Intellectualise Them, And It Reacts To Everything That Goes Through You. Learn How To Listen Better So That You Can Live In Harmony.

1-Your Body is Your Ally

You are a spiritual being living a natural experience, in a body and you are one. This means that your body does not define you on its own, no matter how it looks. You and your body are therefore an entity made up of two parts, co-dependent and useful to each other. Sometimes, in certain situations, the body can be taken as an enemy. We find it too much this, not enough that. We reproach it for the way it functions, its reactions to certain elements, even to certain practices. And we dissociate ourselves from it. The attributes you were born with, the genes you have are beyond your reach. On the other hand, their evolution depends a lot on the choices you make. To give you an example, by giving your body the exercise it needs, it will be in better shape. The same is true if you feed your body what makes it feel good, and so on. You will notice that the more you give your body what it needs, the better it will give it back to you. It is therefore essential for your well-being to realise that your body is your best ally, if you learn to listen to it.

2-Everything you keep silent, your body communicates it to you.

The body is gifted at expressing everything we don’t do ourselves. This means that any stress, intense annoyance or even trauma will eventually express itself. Think of it as your body’s way of telling you that your mind needs help, even if you don’t see it. To give you a few examples: some people respond to stress by grinding their teeth at night, others by developing eczema, having migraines or losing their hair. Many of the things that then bother us externally in our body originate in our mind first. That’s why you sometimes have the feeling that everything breaks down. You don’t feel well, and then there are chain reactions with problems with your body. You try to treat the symptoms, but the causes are deeper.

3-Each Body is Unique

Our bodies are obviously similar in the main! But it is important to realise that your body is unique. Something that works for your friend or sister may not work for you at all. And vice versa. Your body’s needs are also unique, and only you can discover them. You’ll be surprised to find that some of the generalities about what your body is supposed to ask for don’t apply to you at all!

4-Practising Prevention

Only by knowing your body by heart can you live in harmony with it. Learn to read what makes it react and what stresses it. Find out how it expresses this stress and, above all, what helps to relieve it. Take the lead by going to see the appropriate specialists and do some tests! Don’t hesitate to ask around you for recommendations to go to people who can help you. Anything goes for your body: osteopath, psychologist or even a hypnotherapist. You can also turn to relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. Take advantage of the moments when you feel balanced and well in your life to put all this in place. You will thank yourself later!

5-Adapt your Routines to your Body's Needs

In your daily life, a few adaptations are enough to make all the difference. Take a look at the concepts of ayurveda to discover your “body type” and adapt your new habits. It’s all very simple! Discover the sleep rhythm that suits you best. Try to go to bed and get up earlier and see what kind of energy this gives you. Try different sports to find one that suits you. If you have a tendency to get cold, try to eat hot food to compensate and vice versa if you are always hot! Likewise, don’t hesitate to invest in a small hot water bottle if you tend to be cold or even to give yourself a hot shower at the end of the day! If you tend to strain your back when you’re under pressure, think about giving yourself a massage from time to time etc…! Your body will thank you for it!

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