Why Your Passion Can Also Destroy You

Finding your passion and practising it on a daily basis as part of your job is the ultimate goal for many people. Those who are lucky enough to do so have that extra motivation when it comes to getting up in the morning and getting on with the day! Work no longer seems like drudgery, but a real source of pleasure and self-development. This daily source of energy is galvanising, but also addictive… So, although we tend to forget it and sometimes make it sacred, this energy can also destroy you.


Your Passion Creates a Fire in You that Galvanizes You

In the same way as it can be in a relationship, the relationship you have with what you love to do can give you a lot of energy. You have goals and achieving them is a real pleasure… So you create new ones and keep going! On the way, you feel more accomplished, stronger, closer to your full potential! This determines you to move forward and make things happen, even those that seem to be out of reach are now possible! Every action fuels the fire that is already burning inside you and makes it grow with love and energy for everything you do. The more results you get, the more actions you want to take to keep it going because that fire makes you feel alive! You feel that you are on a roll, which you must not let go.


Passion Crushes All Forms of Life Balance

This fire in you, as it grows, is likely to leave no room for anything else. The sense of opportunity and urgency associated with your passion takes precedence. Your life balance is inevitably destroyed. Many people take comfort in the fact that this imbalance is only temporary. Others say they are ready to make this long-term sacrifice by accepting to make it their new way of life. The one dedicated to their passion.


Being In The Moment Makes You Forget Your Needs

When you are passionate about something and you are caught up in the flow, nothing matters anymore. The notion of time disappears and with it the physiological needs of your body. The priority is given to your passion, so you sleep little, or badly, at odd hours, you eat badly and irregularly, you may not get enough exercise and fresh air… And all this does not matter at the time. Your energy is fuelled by your passion and your body can only follow! Except that this can only last for so long. Sooner or later your body will start to get really tired, and will remind you of this. Slowly at first, and more and more noticeably if you don’t listen to it soon enough.


Your Passion Limits Your Surroundings

Locking yourself into your passion also means restricting those around you. In your new world, the only people who will feel welcome will be those who fit your new dynamic. Sorting out and welcoming people who are vibrant in the same way as you are is a good thing! But taken to the extreme, it also carries risks. Limiting your relationships to those people who will justify your actions because they think and live the same way as you will take you away from other realities. At such times, you may even push away the people who will try to sound the alarm by telling you that they are attached to an old version of you, that they don’t want to see you evolve, that they can’t understand…

You can feel like you are building while you are destroying yourself in the process

We need nuance, variety and balance. Without these elements, passion can literally burn out and destroy us. Passion allows us to feel alive and to accomplish great things. It will certainly be the starting point for the greatest achievements you will ever make! However, make sure you keep your balance or find it again quickly, as soon as you feel overwhelmed by the fire that is so pleasant, but also so dangerous. Listen to your body and the kind people around you. Getting burned by your passion is a bit of a rite of passage for any passionate person who launches themselves and sees a positive response coming their way! Just make sure that this backlash doesn’t last. Work on finding the balance that will allow you to enjoy your passion, without neglecting other aspects of your life and yourself!

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