When a woman’s silence is heavier than her words

Gentlemen, today I’m going to let you in on a secret. If you’ve ever been in a long relationship or are in a relationship right now, you may already know it.

Yet, most men are completely unaware of what I am about to tell you now. Women don’t try to hide this, but for some reason, this information gets overlooked.

Your partner’s silence should worry you much more than his shouting or blaming.

Yes, when a woman argues with you, it means she cares about you. If she’s taking the time to let you know she’s unhappy, it’s because she wants to move your relationship in the right direction.

This may sound ridiculous to you, but it’s true. In fact, it makes sense too! The more a person fights to fix what seems to be broken in your relationship, the more they care about you.

So you should almost appreciate her setting things right. These are signals that tell you that if you don’t react, you’ll lose her for good.

It’s when she stops sending you signals that you should be concerned. This is the first sign that she no longer cares about you.

He who loves well punishes well!

At least, that’s what they say. A woman who argues with her partner is a woman who has deep feelings for him. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t bother to listen to her feelings.

In love, a woman can lose control of her reactions when her partner does something that hurts her or shows her that he disrespects her.

This is when you really need to listen to what she is trying to tell you. In these intense moments, she is simply trying to get your attention.

She wants to point out one or more problems that you are having or that your relationship is starting to go through. So you need to be understanding and patient.

When she talks, yells or cries, she is going through a storm of emotions. Your actions don’t correlate with what she wants from you.

She is disappointed, but she is also worried about your future together. She needs to hear you propose solutions, options.

Above all, she needs to see that you understand the seriousness of the situation. You need to take her seriously and not make fun of how she feels.

That storm inside her is very powerful and she can’t calm it down on her own. Her talking or yelling is her way of letting go. She lets the storm go little by little.

But, when a woman stops expressing her opinion, it means that she has nothing to share with you

When she lacks the strength to fight for your relationship or when she stops being comfortable with you sharing her secrets and experiences, that’s when her silence is dangerous.

Much more dangerous than her words or screams. A woman’s silence is a sign that she no longer thinks of you as someone she can continue to love.

She no longer sees your relationship as an emotional connection that can last. She no longer cares about you! When a woman suddenly goes silent after long conversations, know that you have lost all chances.

There’s no going back. Women like to express their feelings in words. They like to say what they think because words reflect the depth of their soul.

So when there are no words, when there is only silence, it is the beginning of the end. It’s most likely because she no longer feels anything for you.

Or maybe it’s because she has finally realized that your love relationship is no longer worth saving.

You are then trapped…

When a woman starts to get quiet, nothing you say or do can change her mind. Even if she doesn’t tell you, her mind is made up.

In her head, everything is clear. She is no longer in love with you or she is too disappointed by your behaviour to give you another chance.

So she gradually detaches herself! First emotionally, then physically. Indeed, your partner will not leave you overnight.

First, she will keep quiet. Then, she will withdraw into herself. Then, she will finally accept the situation and let go. Silence will then become her best friend.

And you know what? Silence gives you a lot of opportunities to think. It gives you a chance to sit back and weigh the pros and cons.

Silence also gives your partner time to prepare for the final blow. Unless he’s an idiot, he understands that something is up.

He simply expects an argument. He doesn’t think that separation is about to happen.

However, this is what is going to happen. Your partner will leave you without a single explanation. Without looking back. Without giving you another chance.

You will be petrified and confused. How did you not see this coming? Yet, if you had opened your eyes, you could have seen all the signs manifesting themselves, one by one.

Indeed, you would have understood that with her screaming and arguing, she was trying to wake you up. She was trying to make you understand that something had to change.

But you didn’t react. So she felt hurt and little by little her words was replaced by silence. The same silence that led you to the breakup.

So don’t be afraid to argue with your wife. Don’t be afraid of her words and her tears. Fear her silence and her refusal to speak.

Fear her indifference. It means she doesn’t want to fight for you anymore, it means she is ready to leave irrevocably.

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