What Your Hands Reveal About You – The 8 Secrets For Delicate And Feminine Hands

Hands Can Be Revealing. They Are A Way Of Getting To Know Others Better And Are Important In The Image We Send Back To Others. Because They Are Our Main Daily Tool, We Must Preserve Their Vitality And Flexibility. Well-Kept Hands And Nails Are A Real Pleasure For The Eyes. But Having Beautiful Hands Requires A Soft And Regular Application.

Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Ten Little Gems, For Feminine And Delicate Hands.

More than you think, hands say a lot. It is partly with them that we communicate. This is why it is often one of the first things that others are led to look at and then analyze. The importance we give to our hands and nails reveals how much attention we pay to detail. It is to this kind of small details that we recognize the hygiene, care and rigor of a woman. Nails should not be neglected. A simple chipped nail polish can prevent you from feeling completely confident during a meeting or an appointment. It is the details that make the difference. An elegant and pleasant look is taken care of right down to the tips of the nails. A beautiful manicure can serve as an accessory in its own right.

How do you proceed?

1-. Clean up

This step is essential in restoring the beauty of your hands. However, it involves an enemy for the hands: water, a factor of dryness. After washing your hands, remember to wipe them carefully to prevent the water from drying them out. Water and nail polish remover are the two main enemies of nails in addition to skin, which they weaken and dry out.


Massage the nail with a few drops of oil, insisting on the base of the nail, where regrowth occurs. Then wipe off the excess oil with a tissue.


Using a small stick soaked in oil, gently push back the cuticles at the base of the nail, without removing them. The cuticles have an essential protective function of the nail, and should never be cut. You can remove dead skin with tweezers.


The scrub may dry out your hands. That’s why moisturizing is an essential step after exfoliation to maintain their softness and radiance.

5-File the nails

Choose a nail shape that will suit you and flatter your hands. Always keep your nails this way. Elegance demands that you always opt for refinement and subtlety. Avoid nails that are too short or too long, and find the right balance.

6-Polish the nails

Using a four-sided polishing block, first smooth the surface of the nail. Then polish and shine it with the last surface. To avoid weakening or even splitting the nail, never move back and forth. Move in one direction only.

7-Exfoliate nails

Just like the rest of your body, hands enjoy being gummed and exfoliated. Once the dead skin is removed, the skin on your hands will reveal an incredible softness. To do this, mix powdered sugar and olive oil in a bowl. Spread this mixture over your hands and massage gently for one or two minutes. Then rinse with clear water.


First, apply a base coat, then two or even three coats of coloured varnish. Finish with a coat of topcoat. Contrary to what one might think, properly applied nail polish protects the nails and can last a short week.

For the colors, it is preferable to privilege neutral tones or the great classics on the hands. Pretty hands and well-groomed nails can make do with a nude nail polish to shine with beauty. Nude nail polish will be enough to make your hands look beautiful. Elegance combines simplicity and refinement. We wear reality. While remaining sober and delicate, this type of varnish is the most flattering for the hands. Red and black are also classics, timeless and feminine. Red is the color of glamour par excellence, it is a sure value. As for black, it is distinguished by the power and authority that it exudes, and which makes its depth.



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