These 10 foods that should never be put in the fridge

We tend to believe that cold would be an excellent preservative for our food, and when in doubt, we store everything in the Fridge.
However, from our grandmothers to the greatest chefs, everyone would be unanimous in their desire to stop this unfortunate trend.

The misdeeds of the refrigerator
If you think the light will wilt the skin of your fruits and vegetables, be aware that the refrigerator can have the same effect on tomatoes, bananas, onions, or basil. Thus many fruits and vegetables suffer from the cold. For some, even room temperature is sufficient.
Especially since it is becoming more and more difficult to buy ripe fruits and vegetables, and therefore to ripen them, do not hesitate to leave them in a nice salad bowl on your table.
As for the coffee locked in the fridge, sacrilege! Indeed, it loses a beautiful part of its subtle aromas.


In the refrigerator the tomatoes lose their flavor, because the cold blocks their growth.


The potatoes become more floury and the starch is transformed into sugar


By putting the coffee in the fridge, it absorbs all the odors of the coffee, it is better to store it in the cupboard.



In the fridge they lose their crunchiness and become more floury.


Cold weather causes onions to age quickly and make them soft.




Bread in the fridge loses its original flavor.


The cold creates a white colour on the top that affects the taste.

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