The Effective Tip to Stop a Nosebleed FAST.

Do you get frequent nosebleeds? If this happens to you regularly, you know that it is not painful but very unpleasant. What’s more, it can last a long time, which can be tiring… Fortunately, there is a natural remedy to stop a nosebleed quickly. The trick is to insert a cotton wick soaked in lemon juice into the nose. Check it out:

How to do it

1. Squeeze a lemon. 2. Take cotton wool and make a small wick. 3. Soak the cotton wool in lemon juice. 4. Insert it into the bleeding nostril. 5. Keep the cotton in place by pressing it on the side of your nose. 6. Tilt your head forward.


And that’s it! After a few moments, the nosebleed is gone 🙂 Lemon is a very effective healing agent and also disinfects naturally. So there’s no risk of infection! Even if the bleeding has stopped, keep the cotton wool in place for at least 1 hour. If you don’t want to keep your head bent forward, you can also sit down for a while.

Additional advice

If you are prone to nosebleeds, here are some tips to avoid them: – Blow your nose slowly. – Beware of sudden changes in altitude (e.g. in a plane). – Avoid sudden, intense exertion. – Avoid overly stressful situations. – Choose rooms without air conditioning, which dries out the air. – Humidify the air in your room with a humidifier. – Avoid aspirin. Caution: If you have frequent nosebleeds for no reason, this may be a warning sign that should not be ignored. Consult a doctor.

It’s your turn…

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