The Art Of Choosing Your Handbag

Having become the symbol of femininity par excellence, a woman’s handbag is not just a trivial object. A woman’s bag is still a reflection of who she is. More than a practical object, it should reflect her identity. Considered an indispensable object, the handbag is undoubtedly a woman’s most faithful ally, and also her most intimate one: the bag accompanies her throughout her life and sometimes even until her last day. The most stable element of her life, it is the object that will spend the most time with her, probably even more than a man. It is therefore quite an art to choose your bag and you must not fail on its quality.


In hospitals, the handbags of some old ladies play an essential role: they hold on to them as a final hold on their identity. Similarly, the loss of a woman’s purse is always a collapse. Everything we own or consume reflects who we are. It is the sense of our aesthetic and ethical values that our bag symbolises in our daily lives. As the most stable element in a woman’s life, the handbag is not reduced to a mere practical necessity, but it gives concrete expression to a woman’s identity, betrays her way of life. Its essence and style are expressed through it. It is because bags have remained the privilege of women. The handbag is femininity par excellence.



A beautiful object of quality is a pleasure to look at. Noble materials offer both tactile and visual pleasure. Some bags are so beautiful, so well made that they look like real works of art. There are many reasons to acquire a quality bag: its presence and use in our lives is permanent. A practical, quality bag is pleasant to use. On the other hand, a bad bag, not very practical and of mediocre quality, can on the other hand cause many inconveniences: losing objects, damaging them, wasting time, annoying… If it is too heavy or is not adapted to our corpulence, it can even harm our health, our gait, our ease.

Which bag should we choose? Probably a timeless and balanced bag made of a beautiful and noble material, a bag that is pleasant and soft to the touch, neither too structured nor too soft, light and functional.


The bag of a life is the bag with which one feels beautiful, confident, unique. A bag dresses and gives style. A woman who knows she is perfectly dressed with a quality bag that looks like her is in harmony with herself. And this feeling is also perceived by others. Her handbag goes with her soul, she immediately appears more confident. In addition to being functional, practical and light, this bag must also be beautiful and elegant. A woman’s most beautiful asset is not carrying a large and conspicuous bag on her arm, but a body that moves with ease, lightness and fluidity, a bag that gives her grace and power.