The 6 Lessons From The Bridgerton Chronicles Series

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1. You Can't Be Proud of Appearances, Queen Charlotte

The queen is, from the very beginning of the series, the person who seems to set the tone for what happens in her court. However, we discover that, like the rest of her court, she is also dependent on the words of Lady Whistledown. Furthermore, her control mask is permanently removed for viewers when it is discovered that her husband, the king, is suffering from dementia. In addition to having lost their daughter, she is alone in her relationship with a man who is now a shadow of his former self. All this explains the importance she places on appearance, because unfortunately it is one of the only things she can really control.


2. A Mother's Love is Sometimes Complex, Lady Violet Bridgerton

It is obvious that Lady Violet Bridgerton loves each of her children deeply. She strives to do and give what is best for them. However, the woman’s place is sometimes delicate and in her case, the fact that her husband has died confers her rights and power on the eldest son. She therefore finds herself in the position of one who knows what should be done but does not have the power to do it. Moreover, despite all her love, her own education conditions her in what she can pass on to her children. As in many families, including today, sex is a taboo subject that even the most loving parents sometimes find difficult to discuss. A mother’s love does not exempt her from repeating the mistakes of past generations.


3. We Must Fight With Our Own Weapons For What We Want, Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne is the diamond of the season and knows that her beauty is an asset. However, she also doesn’t hesitate to use her ingenuity to achieve her goals. She struggles every day to learn, grow and get what she wants out of life. In this way, not giving up, she marries the man she loves and starts to really build her family dream.


4. We Must Allow Ourselves to Change, Simon Basset

Simon made a promise to his father and is ready to die to keep it. Closing his eyes to the happiness that is offered to him, he remains in what he has always been. He refuses to evolve… until Daphne manages to really touch him. His character proves to us that not only do we have the right, but above all, we have the duty to change and to respond to what best suits us, according to the different stages of our lives.


5. Responsibilities Are Not Always a Gift, Anthony Bridgerton

At first, the desire to hate Anthony Bridgerton for the way he manages his sister’s love life is great! But we discover quite quickly that his mistakes are only the fruit of his desire to do well mixed with his incompetence in relation to the responsibilities that have been entrusted to him. Sometimes, recognising one’s own limits is a form of maturity which not only allows one to put oneself in a learning position but above all to avoid certain irreversible mistakes!

6. Your Environment Cannot Dictate Your Thoughts, Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise, Daphne’s little sister is completely different from her elder sister. She is ahead of her time, in contradiction with her environment and she develops her own ideas. Her attitude proves to us that we can decide to live and see things in our own way. What matters is to choose your allies well, as she does with her friend Penelope and her brother.



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