My Heart! the 8 Greatest Lessons I Learned Because I Was Heartbroken

My Heart,!When Love Goes, Everything Goes! But What Happens When Love Disappears? When There Is Only A Shadow Of The Feelings You Had For Each Other?

Despair, Pain, Anger And Frustration Remain. But Most Of All, You Are Left With A Broken Heart! And Healing After A Break-Up Is Far From Easy.

Unfortunately, Almost Everyone Knows This Feeling Of Sadness, Incomprehension And Loneliness.

Yesterday, You Were In A Relationship. Today, You Are Alone And You Are Not Even Sure How You Have Gone From Absolute Happiness To This Dramatic State.

But I Reassure You. The Pain Will Pass. You Just Need To Take The Time To Focus On Yourself.

Stop With Doubts And Questioning (“What If…”) And Just Think About Making Your Well-Being A Priority.

By The Way, I Would Like To Remind You Of One Thing: Behind Every Broken Heart Lies A Lesson (Or Even Several). So Here Are The Lessons I Learned Myself After Having Had My Heart Broken Several Times.

I Hope That They Will Serve As A Guide During Your Healing Period And Help You To Recover More Quickly!

1-Overcoming heartbreak is a choice.

I remember one of my heartbreak, the hardest one. I refused to move forward; I always made excuses for him and tried to accuse myself in an I am the one who had done something wrong mode. I looked forward to his return, I refused to meet new people, I said I couldn’t live without him. Through this little parenthesis I would like to tell you that moving forward is a choice if you want to, you can.

Choosing to move on doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything. You may still feel grief, pain, anger and loneliness, but you can also accept these feelings without over-intellectualising the emotions.

In this way, you can choose not to get carried away by them and their meaning. When you decide to move forward, you feel these things but you commit to letting them go.

Moving forward after a broken heart means making the choice to do so every day. The heart is weak

2-Focusing on your physical health is the best starting point.

Whenever I feel emotionally ill, focusing on my health and strength is the basis of my healing. Every time.

Focus on you, take care of you; whether physically or emotionally. You can go out and take your mind off things with your family and friends.

If you don’t take care of yourself, physically, you become more emotionally reactive, your immune system and stress level are compromised. Take Care of you and your Heart

3- It is important to define limits.

When you master your limits, your world changes. Your limits have an impact on how you behave towards yourself and how others treat you.

They change what you attract into your life, what you are able to handle, and they are also a good measure of your self-worth and self-esteem.

Limits help you to distance yourself from someone or something you know is deeply wrong for you. So even if your heart tells you to stay because things “could” get better or change, the limits you set push you to leave.

4- Heartbreak is the ultimate fuel for creativity.

Just look at the millions of books, songs, works of art, creations and even companies that have been inspired by heartache.

The process of creating something out of what you are experiencing can be incredibly cathartic and give you a sense of purpose.

A much better way to channel that energy than focusing on your ex and the past!

5-. Life is full of surprises and not all of them are good ones.

Nothing in life is linear. It constantly takes you by surprise and doesn’t go according to plan.

There are ups and downs, ebbs and flows. You can try to control them as much as you want and avoid getting your heart broken again at all costs, but our life is made up of seasons, each of which represents a new phase.

Some of these seasons will be filled with happiness, love, momentum and fulfilment, others will be suffocated by grief.

But with each tear, there is the evolution of a new and better season. You just have to be open to it and not resist it.

6- Whatever happens, you must keep your heart open.

You may feel that you always attract the wrong people, that you are unlucky and that it is impossible for love to work for you, so what’s the point?

You resign yourself to a life without love or to a love that basically compromises your own limits and values. Yes, being heartbroken is painful.

But if you really do the work necessary to learn from it and don’t reduce everything to “you”, you can get used to the fact that you will never be able to completely protect yourself from future heartaches.

7- Love is not enough to make a couple of work.

If the idea that love is enough is very romantic and idealistic, sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Two people can share a love, connection and camaraderie that seems to capture the essence of what love is supposed to be.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are meant to be together. There can be an enormous amount of love in a relationship but that relationship can still be broken, toxic or have cracks that cannot be repaired.

8-. Having your heart broken is an extremely painful feeling and at that very moment you feel like it is the worst experience of your life.

A heartache causes great changes and if you let it take over, it can completely break you down, emotionally speaking.

Thanks to (or because of) it, you have to face your faults, weaknesses and shortcomings in all their most atrocious details. This reality can be hard to face but it can also be beautiful because it teaches you what you need to know.

In this way, it opens you up to transformational self-development and above all to wisdom. However, it does not make you immune to future tears.

We have come to the end of our article, I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the trouble to read it to the end, dear.
I hope my lessons will serve you well so that you can mend your broken heart. don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. Kisses

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