The 6 Things You Do In The Twenties That Damage Your Skin

Isn’t Twenty Years Old The Most Beautiful Age? When We Are Young, The Skin Is Naturally Luminous, Firm And Smooth. So Much So That One Would Almost Forget The Essential Care That One Must Give To One’s Skin And The Gestures To Banish.

Certain Reflexes, However, Are Not Without Consequences On The State Of Your Skin.


What could be more beautiful than a haloed, smooth and radiant complexion that gives a healthy glow? However, the sun has both beneficial and harmful effects on the body. Indeed, if the sun, beyond contributing to our well-being, leaves our skin smooth and tanned, it also presents many risks whose seriousness cannot be neglected, especially since the skin damage caused by the sun is irreversible. In addition to causing brown spots on the face and sunburn, it is also the main cause of premature aging and in the most serious cases of skin cancer.

This is why it is necessary to protect oneself from it throughout life. Exposure to the sun without protection is running great risks and possibly irreversible damage. The sun breaks down collagen, causing wrinkles and brown spots. Always make sure to carefully protect your skin with a 30 or 50 index when exposed.



Each skin type has its own type of care. This is one of the first rules to follow to take care of your skin and respect its nature. Oily skin will not have the same needs as dry skin. This is why, if they are poorly chosen, some products could cause damage to your skin.



Drinking water should be considered a beauty gesture in its own right. Good hydration is what guarantees a better quality skin by giving it a younger and fresher appearance: a more luminous complexion, plumped up skin, less marked dark circles. This gesture allows the epidermis to be moisturized from the inside so that it can preserve all its suppleness, firmness, elasticity and radiance.

The body is 60% water. Water is therefore a vital element that the body cannot do without. In addition to its visible benefits on the condition of the skin, water helps circulate blood properly, evacuates waste and toxins and promotes cellular work. Unlike water, sweetened drinks do not provide the necessary oxygenation and hydration.


It is one of the gestures to be banned absolutely to prevent imperfections. Hands are nests of bacteria. Subway, phones, wrists are infested with germs. Touching your face will transmit these bacteria and thus promote the appearance of blemishes on the skin and aggravate acne. Washing your hands several times won’t change anything because germs will always be present on your fingers. Under your fingernails, if you wear them long, but not only because the phone you handle regularly is also infested with germs.

That’s why you need to be aware of your actions and think about regularly disinfecting your phone, keyboard, makeup brushes…


It was known to be harmful to the figure, teeth and brain when consumed in excess, sugar can still prove to be the enemy of our skin. Excessive sugar consumption deteriorates skin quality by accelerating the breakdown of elastin and collagen, two proteins that help keep skin smooth and wrinkle-free. In addition to causing premature aging of the skin, sugar promotes acne. In fact, “foods rich in fast sugars quickly increase the concentration of sugars in the blood, which raises insulin levels and stimulates the production of sebum, which cannot be evacuated properly and accumulates. This is where blackheads and microcysts form. »


This bad reflex, although very common, is not without consequence on the state of the skin. Because it is late or because of deep fatigue, some people dispense with the essential step of make-up removal before bedtime.

Indeed, it is at night that the repair and renewal process of the skin takes place. Because the night is a time of intensive regeneration for the skin, it is essential to remove make-up, dust and pollution that have accumulated on the face. Especially since make-up often contains allergens that can clog pores, prevent their natural functioning and thus promote dilated pores, redness and the appearance of pimples. It is necessary to hope to have a pretty skin to be assiduous and to withdraw very regularly its make-up.



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