T shirt dress: tips and 6 ideas on how to wear it well

Trendy and ultra-comfortable, the T-shirt dress is clearly our favourite piece this year and it’s obviously not ready to retire. Much more versatile than you might think, the T Shirtdress is not reserved for casual summer looks, on the contrary!

The proof is in our 6 look ideas with a tee-shirt dress.

For a trendy look


Trendy means trendy pieces and an elaborate look, and for that, the t-shirt dress is a wonderful playground. We advise you to opt for a trendy t-shirt dress with a 90’s sportswear aesthetic: flashy logos, flashy colours and an XXL cut are your best options for a trendy t-shirt dress look.

On your feet, choose a 90s inspired shoe like a square toe mule or dad shoes, or a much more modern piece like a sock boot.

As for accessories, the belt bag and the fanny pack are two strong pieces that will perfectly complement a t-shirt dress.

For a casual look


For a relaxed summer look that smells of holidays and ice cream, choose a loose-fitting, comfortable and easy-going T-shirt dress. Add a pair of shoes from the summer classics: flat spartan sandals or mules, wedge sandals, espadrilles, sneakers or loafers.

As for accessories, there’s nothing like a pretty XXL wicker basket, a canvas tote bag or a maxi clutch for those who want a touch of sophistication. Finally, don’t skimp on jewellery, preferably in XXL format, and the inevitable sunglasses.

For an evening look


Particularly suitable for casual wear, the T-shirt dress can also be the centrepiece of a feminine and sophisticated evening look.

For this, opt for a long or mid-length tee dress, preferably black or white (and even rock). Add a pair of heeled sandals or pumps and enjoy an easy and chic look! Choose a micro-bag, a clutch or a clutch bag to keep the evening look elegant. Don’t forget some elegant and feminine jewellery: fine necklaces, cuffs, earrings…

If you prefer a short T-shirt dress, choose a black model that is not too loose, that you can wear with thigh-high boots for example a glamorous outfit that will be perfect for the evening!

For a rock look


Rock lovers will be won over by the T Shirtdress which is particularly well suited to this style. Dare to wear a model with the logo of your favourite band and don’t be afraid of slightly destroy pieces! The leather jacket and the oversized denim jacket will be perfect to finish your look.

In the accessories department, opt for a small feminine bag to add a touch of elegance and some more or less discreet jewellery, depending on your tastes.

On your feet, a pair of leather boots or platform trainers, as you wish.

For a comfy look


If you’re looking for a comfy look, the T-shirt dress will definitely be your summer must-have. Simply add a nice trendy belt and a pair of colourful sneakers to give it a nice dose of style without losing any of its comforts.

Don’t forget to add a few pretty jewels to your look, timeless pieces such as creoles, bangles or even a thin necklace are perfect for a comfy style that remains chic.

Things to remember

The T Shirtdress is one of the most fashionable pieces of the moment, and ultra-comfortable to boot
It is suitable for all body types as it is usually a straight and short cut
The T-shirt dress can be easily adapted to all styles thanks to the accessories and shoes chosen
The T Shirt dress can also be worn in winter


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