Successfully Ignoring a Man: My 3 Tips To Make Him Beg You To Come Back

Successfully ignoring a man 3 Tips, concrete to make him beg you to come back. Ignoring a man you’re in love with is a really difficult thing to do.

It’s something that comes to mind when you’re in a relationship with someone and that person starts to feel too much for you because you’re too attached, a little too clingy.

And so we have a man, who has taken this habit with us and will give us less news.
And believe me, from experience, ignoring a man is the best way to make him do everything to win you back.

1-Identify the problem

That is to say, succeed in understanding how you went from the woman he wanted to seduce to the woman he has acquired and to whom he gives less and less news.

It’s important to understand where the problem comes from because often it’s an accumulation of small mistakes, which makes the man suddenly lose interest in you.

Is it that you have sent, for example, too many messages at once, like telling him that you care about him, that you miss him too much, that he is the man of your blablabla ah men.
All this could make him think that you are completely in love with him and he will finally say to himself oh now she is acquired, she loves me she will not go anywhere, I am the man of her life.
What a great mistake on his part.
So try to identify the problem, the base what !!!!
And from that, you can understand the mistake.
So, Girl, we stop the messages, we stop the calls.
What you give me is what I give.
He sends you a message a day, send him a message a day yes.
By doing that he’ll think, this woman, I’ve got to fight for her again and again.

2- Stop giving him the news

Yes yes, I know it’s too much to ask but I assure you that it’s worth it, because by stopping giving him the news, you will see whether or not your man cares about you and refuses or is afraid to lose you;

Because it doesn’t make sense to stay with a man who takes you as a second option, a man who is not interested in you, a man you love very much but he in return doesn’t love you as you love him
Runaway from me and I will follow you.

If you stop telling him about you, he will be afraid because he will probably think that you have met another man, or that he is boring you, in short, he will make a lot of sounds in his cute little head.

I assure you that this period of radio silence is a great time for you because, through this period, you will be able to work on the accomplished woman you want to become, you will learn to be independent and happy even without him because you never know in life.
You will be able to devote yourself to your career, your studies or your activity, in short, your mood will no longer depend on him. Whether he is there or not, whether he writes to you or not, you live your life without pretending and without suffering.

If you want him to realise what an incredible woman you are, you have to show him, respect yourself, show your value, that you are the number one priority in your life.

Bring something new into your life.
Finally, when he sees all this, he will try to write to you and become attentive again, no and no, you don’t fall into the trap, you must answer him when you feel like it. Put several intervals of time before answering him, 3 or 4 hours.
The aim is to make him struggle to get back into the mood of your first meeting, were you easily won over? Then become that woman again

3-Stop thinking that this man is the right man or the man of your life No!!!

If you start from the principle, right away, that he is the one, he is the man of my life, the feeling passes between us, it will be difficult for you to ignore him, complicated to stop sending him messages, complicated to make yourself the number 1 priority, because you will always have in mind that, if I let this man go my life will be ruined, I will never again meet a man like him, tall, handsome, or honest or sincere, in short, everything you want.

But in reality, it doesn’t work like that, show him on the contrary that you’re hard to get, bring out all his qualities in order to get you, bring out the best in him and with that you’ll really know that he’s worth it.

Have confidence in yourself, if you have to find better, you will find better,



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