Small exercise of gratitude for great happiness

“Today, I am grateful because:

🌸 I met my newborn niece, a treasure of life
🌸I had a wonderful evening with friends
🌸I received beautiful and generous gifts.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

That’s what I said to myself last night before bed! 🙂

It’s become a daily routine: name 3 things from my day, even the simplest ones, for which I feel gratitude.

This exercise I started doing months (if not years) ago now. To keep me going: an alarm on the phone or a post-it note on the bedside table. At first, it’s necessary, then it quickly becomes a habit. A habit that extends far beyond the 3 little things mentioned at the end of the day. Today, I feel gratitude at almost every moment, naturally, for small things as well as for the greatest happiness.

If I tell you about it today, it’s because it really opened the doors to Happiness with a capital B! Aaaaah happiness … we are taught to look for it everywhere except where it really is: within us.

Being grateful is one of the keys!

Rather than focusing on what we don’t have. By giving thanks for all that I am, have and experience, I reconnect to what is essential and learn contentment. Which is very close, but really very close, to happiness. To be content, to be thankful, to go back to a much simpler life ... it’s much more positive than focusing constantly on our lacks. And above all, it allows us to finally realize that we already have everything, that happiness is there, deep inside us and that we have all the keys within us to make it shine in our lives. 🌟

👉 This is why I warmly invite you to put this in place right now. Do the exercise: every night, name 3 small things from your day for which you have gratitude. You’ll see how good it feels! A true deliverance ❤

So, what are 3 things you are grateful for today?

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