Slimming: 20 tips from grandmothers to lose weight quickly and without risk

You want to lose weight; There is no better than natural beauty., give up all the products that can destroy you in the future, come with me and I will show you up to 30 ways to lose weight naturally.

1-Drink the cooking water of the artichokes

Far from the beach mojitos, the artichoke cooking water has much more up its sleeve than you might think. With its slimming, digestive and diuretic virtues, the artichoke is the perfect ally to obtain a flat belly at high speed. And for good reason, being one of the least caloric vegetables (about 47 kcla per 100 g), the artichoke promises different benefits, depending on the parts consumed.

The leaves and its cynarine stem act as an antioxidant, helping to drain the liver while facilitating the elimination of fats and lowering blood sugar levels.


2-Drink lemon water

In a glass, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and dilute it with lukewarm water. The ideal is to drink it as regularly as possible, starting in the morning. This tangy fruit helps to naturally detoxify the body, burn fat and cut hunger. An infusion to be drunk without moderation.

3-Eat 5 fruits and papaya per day.

Little known to influence weight loss, papaya has many playing cards up its sleeve. Papaya is recommended in slimming cures for its draining properties, which are ideal for the body’s proper functioning and the maintenance of skin health. Papaya is also deliciously succulent.

In addition, papain has slimming properties, produced by the enzymes it contains, which guarantee the digestion of food.

4-Swap your snack for an apple

To fight hunger with hunger, the apple is the perfect ally. Enriched with nourishing fibre and quercetin (a powerful antioxidant), the apple fills the stomach in no time thanks to its satiating power.

And while its slimming benefits have been proven to help limit snacking between meals, the apple has the particular merit of reducing the risk of certain cancers and preventing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

5-Pepper the food to be eaten

Pepper is well known to aid digestion. This spice, obtained from pepper berries, also helps to quickly burn fat in the body. A clever and natural method.

6-Consume organic cider vinegar

Known for its draining and digestive actions, organic cider vinegar is used in our kitchen, to season our homemade dishes and summer salads, but not only! Rather than fall back on a caloric drink, grandmothers have been advising for several generations to prefer a drink based on cider vinegar.

To copy this slimming recipe, fill a 100 ml glass with lukewarm water, add 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey and finish with a few drops of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Drink this vinegar drink during or before each meal. It helps our extra pounds melt away quickly.

7-Swear only by the parsley

This herbaceous plant that occasionally appears on our plates is one of our grandmothers’ ancestral tricks to naturally cause weight loss.

By helping to regulate blood sugar levels, parsley helps to reduce the desire to snack. Filled with vitamins A and C, the fresh leaves of this aromatic herb can be used in our dishes, as well as in our drinks, in the form of infusions and herbal teas.

8-Flavour boiled milk with garlic

To compensate for the effects of poor digestion after a heavy meal, garlic milk seems to be the best option.

As our grandmothers used to do, a clove of garlic is crushed in boiling milk and left to infuse for a few minutes before eating it lukewarm. This slimming decoction stimulates the metabolism and promotes the effortless elimination of calories and fats.

9-Drink hibiscus tea

Belonging to the Malvaceae family, this flamboyant flower with a tangy taste, ensures good intestinal digestion by being eaten dry, as an herbal tea. Dried hibiscus flowers have the advantage of soothing colitis problems, thanks to their diuretic virtues.

In other words, they will boost the renal system, increasing the purification mechanism that allows the elimination of water present in the body. Don’t hesitate to drink a cup of herbal tea with every meal.

10-Eat soup for dinner

For dinner, the pasta plaster is exchanged for homemade soup. The soup has a high vegetable fibre and water content, which quickly leads to satiety (quickly satiated), and provides the recommended daily dose of vegetables as an added bonus. With its low-calorie properties (low in calories) and rich in anti-fatigue vitamins and minerals, the soup definitely ticks all the right boxes.

11-Make a homemade scrub with coffee grounds.

Known to knock out cellulite, caffeine is full of non-negligible slimming benefits. Although it is not recommended to consume caffeine in too high a dose (especially after 16 hours), it is however recommended to concoct body scrubs with your pomace.

Contained in many slimming creams, coffee facilitates the removal of fat by limiting the excessive concentration of glucose and the multiplication of fat cells in the body.

To achieve a slimmer figure and smooth, toned skin, mix 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 3 teaspoons of olive oil. Spread the scrub evenly over the padded areas (buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach, etc.) and massage gently from bottom to top.

12-Make cold potato salad

Make no mistake! Contrary to popular belief, the cold potato is an excellent way to rebalance your diet. While potatoes eaten hot transform starch into fat, cold potatoes act quite differently.

Cooked in this way, this edible tuber has the merit of developing satiating starch without transforming it into fat.

13-Introducing linseed into our diet

Linseed is rarely eaten and to their great regret, but it is the most important thing to have on hand to lose weight quickly and effectively. Enriched with fibre and omega-3, flax seeds promote satiety (feeling full), while facilitating digestion and acting as a fat-burner.

How to eat them? Nothing could be simpler. Traditionally, grandmothers recommend consuming two tablespoons a day on a green salad, or an artichoke salad. But you can also combine them with your sauce.


14-Brush your teeth after each meal

In addition to promising a devastating smile (in the good sense of the word of course), this sanitary step will allow you to remove the residue stuck between your teeth, and the taste of food, which inevitably makes you want to snack more.

Although tooth brushing seems to be an essential step, as normal as showering every day, it is sometimes difficult to brush at work: due to lack of time or convenience. Slip a minimalist toilet bag with the necessary kit into your bag so that you don’t skip this hygienic step.

15-eat egg whites

By removing the yolk, the egg white acts as a real appetite suppressant. It contains amino acids, which are essential for maintaining healthy bones, muscles, cells and the immune system. The reason why egg white helps you to lose weight is that it is considerably “lean”, as it contains a very low calorie content and a lot of protein (around 10%).

Usually consumed by top sportsmen and women, egg white helps to burn fat during exercise, helps to enrich the metabolism without putting on weight and is a very good source of vitamins, trace elements and iron.

16-Introduce agar-agar into the diet

In powder form, this Japanese red seaweed acts naturally as a gelling agent, which can replace the commercial gelatine and pectin commonly used in baking.

Agar-agar is in fact a soluble substance which, once consumed, will swell in the stomach forming a gelatinous film that will capture stored fats and sugars while leading to a state of satiety.

If you are not a cake-lover, you should know that it is quite possible to introduce agar-agar powder into your soup or into the juice of your vegetable frying pans.

17-Swapping cereals for oat flakes

If our British neighbours swear by English Breakfast and Porridge (made from oat flakes), you should know that this cereal is essential to keep our bodies in perfect health.

And with good reason, oat flakes contain a lot of soluble fibre which effectively supports the digestive process. What’s more, this cereal ideally meets the nutritional needs of the body, and satisfies it in no time at all.

18-Use hot water instead of cold water.

Known to be an excellent slimming source, hot water is an inexpensive bonus. Before breakfast, swap your orange juice for a large glass of hot water, which will help the body release toxins and quickly lead to a state of satiety.

19-Take the time to chew

A trick so obvious, you wouldn’t even have thought of it. Chewing more gently will not only help you learn not to “eat” but to “taste” the dishes but will also promote a feeling of satiety. As a result, the quantity consumed will be less, and all the more appreciated.

20-Choose green tea

Ultra-simple proxy, green tea, which may even already be stashed in your kitchen, is ideal. Studies have led to the belief that green tea helps burn as many as 80 calories a day, while draining the liver and converting the fat stored in the body into energy. But that’s not all! Green tea is an excellent “digestive”, as it effortlessly facilitates digestion.

Inevitably made up of water, this drink is beneficial to the body and acts as a natural and effective appetite suppressant. Drink without moderation.



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