My secret, A thousand and one ways to excite your man from a distance

How to excite a man from a distance? actions that will change your life.
Exciting a man from a distance is not at all the same as exciting a man face to face. It’s even much more complicated, simply because you don’t know what the man is doing on his side.

In fact, the secret to exciting a man from a distance without him losing interest in you is to do it subtly, that is to say, to make him get excited by himself just by being guided by words that will be taken out of their context.
And for that, you will have a powerful tool, which will help you enormously: IMAGINATION.
Because men’s imagination is much more developed than women’s imagination. Men are visual beings. We women are generally emotional.


When he asks you what you are doing, for example in the evening, you will answer that you are in your bubble bath, because in a bath you are rarely dressed or you will say that you are in bed under your duvet.
So you see, there are quite subtle ways to excite your man from a distance.
It’s a powerful method because he won’t be able to tell you that he’s excited. He will make his own little film, especially if you have never had sex, and he will want you badly.

2-The art of words

But be careful with the art of words, it’s quite subtle, that is to say, you must not be too direct in what you say. But rather put a message between the lines.
The more subtle it is the more exciting it is with men, in fact, the seduction must be assumed but light.
For example, if he tells you about a date he plans to have with you, you will answer, for this date I will wear one of my favourite lipsticks, but not the most beautiful one because we will see if you really deserve it, in the line you had a good day? the goal here is to frustrate and show that you have two different atmospheres.

You’re already quite playful, because you’re talking about lipsticks, which is also something sexual because it touches the lips and it’s sexy, and also at the same time you’re moving on to something else, basically you’re playing between two completely different emotions, by asking him if he had a good day.

We are certainly far from the tips that magazines give us to excite his man, but I assure you everything I give you has been tested by me and it works completely.
Thank you for giving me feedback, feedback to other women in comments about the tips you use and that work very well with your man;

4. Sexualising your conversations

Many will say that love is nothing more than a deep friendship with physical intimacy added. But you’ll agree that distance makes it rather complicated to experience intimate moments with your other half.

This is why you should not neglect sexualisation, to remind your partner that you are not just a distant pen pal to confide in, but also his or her (sexual) partner.

This is what makes the difference between “friend” and “boyfriend/girlfriend”.

I, therefore, invite you to discuss this topic and, for example, exchange your desires and fantasies.

Then, if you are both willing and confident, there is nothing to stop you from playing a naughty game, or even going further on Skype or by phone.

5-Excite a man at a distance with sexy MMS

It is often said that men are very visual… And they are often right! For most men, sight is a powerful lever of desire.

The first technique to excite a man at a distance is therefore the most logical: sexy photos and MMS.

The provocative photo
A great classic! The provocative photo has everything to arouse desire from a distance.

Choose your best sexy underwear, the ones you feel best in, and strike a suggestive pose. Of course, for this to work, you have to like the exercise too!

Striptease MMS
A photo is fine. But if this technique works, why not try a series of photos? Perhaps you could take one for each item of clothing you remove…

And why not add a little note written on your body, like “I’ll be waiting for you” or “see you tonight”. Guaranteed to make an impact!

6-The sexy Snap

The most daring can dare to make a sexy mini video. Here too, whether it’s a short striptease or a simple suggestive pose, it’s up to you to see where you feel comfortable to excite your man from a distance.

The more beautiful and desirable you feel, the more likely it is to work! There is no need to force yourself. It would show in the result and you don’t have to do anything to yourself that you don’t like 😉

7-Building desire with a sensual appeal

Despite the omnipresence of new technologies, it is sometimes in the old pots that the best soups are made! To excite a man from a distance, don’t hesitate to use your good old telephone.

8-The sensual call to the unprepared

The phone call doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Especially if your man is the type who is more excited by sounds.

Choose a time when he won’t be expecting it, and call him at his place of work. Use your most sensual voice and say that you were just thinking about him, that you miss him. Don’t forget to explain what you want to do to him…

You should see him come home that evening in great shape!

9-Dirty talk on the phone

Are you in a long-distance relationship or is your lover away for a while? Perhaps you can consider dirty talk over the phone!

Suggestive and playful or realistic and raw, it’s up to you to find the right mix for your relationship. Let your imagination run wild and above all, be daring! If you think of saying something, in particular, it’s probably because you want to.

But once again, don’t force yourself: it’s a move that will cut off all desire in yourself… It’s important to choose a method that pleases you too to succeed in exciting a man from a distance.

10-Fire up the imagination with naughty emails or text messages

Naughty text messages

Short and ideal for quick exchanges, the naughty text message has a bright future ahead of it. When it comes to exciting a man from a distance, there is something for everyone:

The situation text message: “I’m in the bath. I just wanted to tell you that I’m thinking about you a lot…”, “I think I forgot to wear panties this morning… oops!
The anticipatory text message: “I bought some nice lingerie today”, “Have we had sex in the bathroom yet?
The simple and direct text message: “I want you”, “I’d like to do some bad things to you right now”.
It’s up to each of you to choose the version that suits you and that will be the most successful!

11-Suggestive emails

If you are feeling more literary, don’t hesitate to write something more developed by choosing the naughty email.

For example, you can write a story about a fantasy with your man: in the shower, on the beach… It doesn’t have to be very detailed or particularly original. The trick is to succeed in stimulating his senses, particularly those of sight or touch.

So don’t hesitate to mention pretty underwear, precise caresses and other breaths on the neck!

Photos, phone calls, or short, crisp messages: there are many ways to excite a man from a distance. It’s all about finding the one that suits you both… And when you do, get ready to rock 😉

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