My morning ritual for a gentle awakening

Modern times impose increasing stress on us. It is not uncommon to be sleep deprived because of all the responsibilities imposed on us. Always connected, our mind and body are thus subjected to severe tests. These are characterized by mood swings, unreasonable stress and sometimes a lack of self-confidence. However, a few gestures early in the morning when we wake up would allow us to reduce these behaviours and live the day fully! Zoom on my morning ritual in 7 gestures for a natural and gentle awakening:

Morning ritual: I drink a warm, natural beverage with my (good!) breakfast to prepare my digestive system

After about 8 hours of restful sleep, the digestive system is slowed down and the body is somewhat dehydrated. To start the day off right, there’s nothing like a good hot drink such as heated lemon juice to titillate the stomach just before breakfast. Indeed, it reduces the shock of the first foods ingested in the morning for the digestive system and the lemon helps to invigorate the senses.

Then you can move on to breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skimp on what you need to make a good meal! So, don’t be satisfied with a simple toast and coffee, which is sometimes indigestible. Instead, choose proteins that will give you all the energy you need!

I don’t check my email and social networks the first hour

An important morning ritual, to be applied systematically when you wake up: do not check your messages and do not go on the computer to answer your emails. Do not, if possible, go on social networks to check the latest news or read the latest news of your virtual friends.

The first hour after you get out of bed should indeed focus on :

Your breakfastListening to your bodyOrganizing your dayPreparing your mind for the different challenges that await youAlso, disconnect to avoid accumulating too much stress when your day has barely begun

I walk at dawn to clear my head and stretch my legs


It is also a great way, in addition to naturopathy, to relax and watch nature take its course before human activities take over. This will allow your body to better recover from the temporary lethargy. And it will also give your mind a chance to air out before facing the challenges of the day. Unless you’re an athlete at heart, avoid too much strenuous exercise for the first hour.

Walking is more than enough time to lose a few calories and stay in shape at any age. 30 minutes will be enough to give your body everything it needs to start the day.

Morning ritual: I do stretching sessions to prepare my body for the day’s efforts


While walking, take the time to do some stretches in your arms and legs. This will tone up your body and allow you to turn your back on last night’s sleep.

Yoga, appropriate physical exercises… These stretches will offer you to stimulate your muscles and prepare you serenely for the rest of the day (See the article: “Which yoga is for me?”).

Be careful, however, about the intensity of the stretching session. Go at your own pace, listen to your body and go gradually to avoid any muscle or joint discomfort.

I offer myself a meditation before going to work or study

If you work in a high-stress industry and need to get your nerves under control, a meditation session is really beneficial. It will allow you to clear your mind and the environment around you (See the article: “Meditation, what is it?”).

Meditation is also a good way to stimulate thinking, with the result being some good ideas that will come to mind and give you the opportunity to stand out. Get into the position that works best for you. Then, spend 15 minutes or more if you have more room in your schedule. Silence your surroundings and enjoy!

Morning ritual: I brush my teeth with a smile to improve my mood (yes, I do!)


It may be a rather surprising morning ritual… But, in naturopathy, well-being comes first and foremost from a good mood and the desire to go further in order to bypass bad news and take life on the right side.

Many specialists believe that brushing your teeth and tongue allows you to gain self-confidence and to forget the bad remarks of the day before. It is also well known that all the jolts experienced in our professional environment should not be taken personally.

I give myself 3 tasks to accomplish that are outside the box to break the routine

Once you’ve had breakfast and done some physical exercise, identify 3 tasks that will allow you, at the end of your day, to feel that you can sleep well. This is a good way to fight against the effects of routine, provided you set measurable, identifiable and, above all, attainable goals.

This can be gardening, a sporting event, DIY… Or any other activity that will allow you to feel better once it is done!



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