Make-up: 9 make-up tips to enlarge your eyes!

The unified complexion, coloured mouth, the only thing missing is eye makeup to highlight the mirror of our soul. Unfortunately, nature has not spoiled us all with natural doe eyes and we wish our colleagues would stop reminding us that we look terribly tired because of our tiny eyes. These tips for a more open look should please you if that’s the case for you!

Whether your small eyes are due to a lack of sleep or simply to your genetics; thank you, dad, thank you mom, it is not uncommon to want to enlarge them to give yourself a more awake, bright and pleasant look.

1/ Conceal and brighten up your dark circles

The shadows of your dark circles dull your eyes. Camouflage them with a concealer or a concealer slightly lighter than your foundation to brighten up your under-eye area. Place it in a “V” shape.

2/ Frame your eyes by taking care of your eyebrows

Never underestimate the importance of your eyebrows. Remove any stray hairs on your eyelid to make way for the illusion of a larger eyelid. We recommend brushing your eyebrows upwards to open up your eyes.

3/ Stretch your makeup

To lengthen the eyes, what better than smoky makeup towards the outside. Start from the lightest to the darkest, favouring brown tones, less powerful than black. Graduate and stretch the colour by bringing it up.

4/ A thin line of eyeliner

Yes to the eyeliner, but be careful not to enclose your eyes under a line too thick. Opt for a thin line, as close as possible to your upper lash line, which goes up slightly on the outside.

5/ Brighten up your look

Apply a touch of iridescent shadow to the inner corner of your lids and just below your eyebrows. This will instantly open up your eyes, making them appear larger.

6/ Use and abuse the eyelash curler

We admit that we sometimes skip this step, especially when we’re in a hurry in the morning, and yet these few dozen seconds of curling your lashes change your whole look by opening it up more. Start along the base of your lashes, then the middle of your lashes and finally the ends.
A good coat of mascara and you’re done.

7/ To remove false eyelashes

When they are very well stuck, false eyelashes can be difficult to remove. To do this gently, simply rub your lashes with a cotton ball on which you have put Vaseline.

8/ Define your eyelid crease

Just as you would apply a darker colour to the crease of your day to better define it, do the same on your eyelids. Place an eyeshadow slightly darker than your skin tone in the crease of your eyelid.

9/ Lighten your mucous membrane

While a black kohl line in the lower mucosa will close your eyes, a neutral shade will open them. Choose a flesh colour that will camouflage any redness.

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