Love Yourself: 6 Keys to Defining Your Own Value

Welcome to you in this new article today you will learn how to define your own value

We often forget this, but to love our neighbour better, we must first love ourselves. Not very biblical but so true!  you have value!!

Love is not created. It does not give and does not take. Love is the expression of what is! You feel love when you see your loved ones whom you know and love with all your heart. You also feel love when you see a child or an animal, even if you don’t know them… Why? Because you have love in you that only wants to express itself for what is true! Our manifestations of love occur especially when things appear from the outside and wake them up. However, you can also choose to love yourself as you love those you love the most, because you deserve all your love, without conditions!

Here are 6 keys to defining your own value 

1-Your Value is Not Conditional

The reason I am talking about value is that unfortunately, very often, we evaluate the love we give ourselves concerning the value we attribute to ourselves. Let me explain. A person who has always been said to be beautiful is going to put a lot of her value in her physical appearance. Also, if one day this appearance changes drastically, there is a good chance that the love she feels for herself will diminish. Her self-esteem will be impacted because her self-worth will have disappeared. However, beauty or not, her value does not change! We are not our beauty, our job or our social status. . No matter the conditions, the difficulties or even the beliefs. Your value doesn’t change! Know that you are a woman and you are valuable.  

Oops, I almost forgot, what’s a woman of value to you, tic tic tic, tac, well I’m ahead of you.  

A woman of value is a woman who has certain characteristics that make the man who meets them think…Wow, this woman is an admirable woman who deserves to be looked after. She is a woman with characteristics that are not found in all women…She has qualities that are admired by other women and men. We can all become women of value at any age and at any time and thus increase our power of attraction…   If you are interested, I will write a special article on how to be a woman of value.  If you are interested, I will write a special article on how to be a woman of value.

2-Free yourself from What Seems to Give you Your Value

The notion of value implies being quantified. Everyone can quantify what gives him or her value in his or her eyes. “What do you think defines your value? “This is an important question to ask yourself if you want to free yourself from your false beliefs! The number of likes or followers, the amount of money you earn, the number of friends you have, your physical beauty, your eyes, your hair, your style of dress, your age, etc., are all important factors in determining your value. These are all things that many of us think we value. All these things are conditional and can disappear overnight. What happens if Instagram disappears? If your hair changes or your eyes get tired? What if your business closes and you don’t make as much money? Will you be worth less? Will you therefore deserve less love from yourself and others? The answer is no!

3-Attracts to You what corresponds to your True Value.

By being aware that your value is priceless because it is not linked to any condition, you will radiate and attract better people to you. Like you, rather than focusing their attention on what defines you in society, they will see your radiance, your potential and your sincere love for yourself. A person who sincerely loves himself or herself inspires those around him or her. Imagine what it feels like to be a source of inspiration for your friends, family and so on…

4-Acknowledge the Wealth of Your Person

You have these abilities in you, even if you don’t tell me. It’s up to you to take stock of all the times you’ve surpassed yourself, shown yourself to be resilient, funny, courageous, ambitious, etc. Everything that makes up your personality and all the reasons why those around you love you! Your loved ones don’t love you for your beautiful eyes or your social status. They love you for you! In the same way that you love them too. And this is how you have to love yourself as well to be ready for an earthquake in your life. By recognising what makes you rich as a person, you will be able to stand up and keep moving forward because you will know that your value has not changed!

5-Trust your Inner Self

Lack of self-confidence is a handicap. Whether it’s in your love life, with your friends or at school, it prevents you from fulfilling your dreams, and even from making yourself come true. Focus on the qualities that are yours. Congratulate yourself when you achieve something when you show courage, determination, ambition, generosity, humour or any other quality! The more you see what makes you rich, the more self-confident you will be. So, build on your own qualities to become stronger than your conditions.

6-Love For YOU

The only love we have control over is the love we have for ourselves. It is not always easy. Like any other relationship, it has to be earned, nurtured and maintained. But it is the greatest power we have to be loved forever.

It’s very difficult for others to be interested in someone who is not interested in himself or herself. No one has the duty to save us, we must first save ourselves. Once we love ourselves, others also want to love us. It is by being happy with ourselves that people will want to be happy by being at our side.
Loving ourselves also means letting people treat us as we would let them treat the love of our lives. If they hurt someone we love, ourselves, we must not let them. We have to be the most important person in our own lives ourselves and not let anyone prove us wrong. Respecting ourselves in love sometimes means accepting to be alone.It’s natural to appreciate what you have on the conditional like your work, your flat, your followers, your beauty, your youth, enjoy it, you’re right! By loving yourself, you will know how to respect yourself in all circumstances and will also impose respect around you. Your conditions are a bonus in your life that do not define your value and above all do not play on the love you deserve. Love yourself with unconditional love!

The importance of loving yourself

To love oneself is to accept oneself and this is the precondition for truly loving and being loved.

Politeness, compassion, empathy, respect, are presented to us as the necessary oils in the workings of relationships. We are, by our education, by social or religious conditioning, invited to consider, to love the other, the others, sometimes to the point of abnegation. We live in a world where an image has taken on predominant importance, alongside everything else. It is customary today to refer to the image we project and to take care of it even more than what we have and what we are, inside.

“I am what I am” is a movement. I am not what I am once and for all. You can’t freeze-frame ‘who I am’. Taking selfies all day and posting them on Facebook and Instagram will never build a strong sense of self.

Waiting for likes on the web is similar to children repeating over and over again, “Look, Daddy (or Mommy), have you seen?” It’s as if we expect recognition (existence?) of who we are via the networks!

We strive to create a perfect image of ourselves, as if it were the proof, in our own eyes, that we have “realised” ourselves. This approach and the goal it seems to set for us only distract us from a real inner exploration. Discovering ourselves, becoming who we are, is a never-ending quest.

In the multiplication of self-images, it is through the outside that we seek to be defined. This leads to a great confusion, in which no clear separation is established between the self and the rest. The process of individuation is hindered, even slowed down: we are “in self-deficiency”. Without separation, without distance, we cannot open up to the other; we cannot offer them anything without knowing who we are: we are “lacking in connection”.

In order to reconnect with the other, we must first find or search for ourselves. Instead of letting our gaze wander, hypnotised, on the surface of ephemeral and changing images, we must turn it inwards to discover who we really are and the source of our beauty. This brings us back to the fact that the soil of our power lies in our innermost being, as we saw earlier.



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