Learn to listen to your intuition, especially in these 8 Situations

You know the feeling: it starts somewhere in the lower abdomen and comes up when you have a decision to make.

It could be as silly as choosing between two flavours of jam or something bigger like a job offer to accept or a relationship to end.

You might often feel like you have to fight this feeling, fight it to the root.

This is a bad idea! And yet you already know this.

You’ve heard your mothers and grandmothers say it: follow your intuition!

There are observable signs that confirm to you that trusting this gut feeling is not as crazy as it sounds.

So if it happens in these 8 situations, listen carefully.


1. When your body tells you it is sick

If you feel that you are ill, listen to your body and get checked by a doctor.

We often dismiss our feelings about our body, ignoring its subtle signals.

To avoid serious problems and health complications, always be alert and act quickly.

The same applies to exhaustion. If you feel tired but continue at the same pace, you will inevitably regret it at some point.

On the other hand, you may feel like you’re in great shape but have very specific cravings that are contrary to your condition: listen to them.


2. When you feel threatened

We are tempted to ignore the feeling in the pit of our stomach when someone seems to be following us too closely or a dark alley makes us nervous.

We tell ourselves that we are just imagining things.

But our instincts could help us to avoid danger.

Our social environment conditions our reactions and emotions towards people, which sometimes leads to false first impressions that contradict our intuitive feelings.

We need to balance our rational thinking with our intuition to avoid making mistakes about people.

You know that “too good to be true” guy? That’s your gut trying to draw your attention to some annoying details.


3. When your loved ones are in trouble

When we suspect that someone close to us is in trouble, we often question ourselves.

We wonder if we are just being paranoid. A bit like the previous point.

This could not be further from the truth.

In the age of gluten-free obsessions and juice cleanses, it’s hard to know what’s normal but you know what’s healthy and what’s not.

If your friend seems to be drinking a lot, eating too much or showing signs of depression, reach out to her, talk to her partner or parents if you need to.

You will regret it if you sit back and do nothing, thinking you are probably overreacting.

In this case, it is better to worry for nothing!

4. If you think someone is lying to you

Millennia of evolution have resulted in our being able to tell when someone is lying to us or is not being truthful.

Unfortunately, this instinct is now often set aside when it comes to determining the true nature behind people’s actions.

Most of the clues that someone is not telling the truth are not in what they say but rather in what they don’t say: their body language and the vibes they give off.

A liar often has difficulty maintaining eye contact or will have body language that does not match what they are saying.

When you have a bad feeling that someone is intentionally false, chances are you are right.

5. If you think your relationship is not working

Relationships are complicated, even more so when your instincts get in the way of what seems to be the perfect story.

If we have negative emotions about our relationships, we often put them aside and call ourselves “insecure” or “irrational”, “stupid”.

Yet sometimes our intuition tries to tell us that the relationship is not right for us.

If you are unhappy with your partner but don’t know exactly why, it’s time to start re-evaluating your relationship from a logical perspective.

6. When you are sure you want a second date

If you’re the kind of chick who has a million first dates and has trouble accepting a second date, it’s probably your gut instinct.

Many times, you’ll have a decent but not amazing night.

You just don’t feel that connection or spark or whatever you call it.

If you follow your instincts, you will come to the right choice because you will simply know if you want to see this person again.

It’s really just a gut decision and it has nothing to do with what music he listens to or if he’s as hardworking as you.

7-When you know you can do something (even if part of your naughty brain tries to convince you otherwise)

We’ve all been there!

Maybe you’re a great driver but you can’t help it, every time your sweetheart is a passenger you miss your slots. It could be that you miss a dish that you never miss when you’re cooking solo, or that you’re an excellent draughtswoman but face the symptom of a blank sheet of paper if you’re observed.

In situations like these, our expertise developed over time is smothered in a cloud of overthinking.

If you know you can do it, trust your instinct, not your head.

The next time you are tempted to think too much about something you know how to do, try to force yourself to distract yourself.

Clutter your mind with something other than the task at hand.

This should leave your instincts free to do their job and phew, not miss that easy slot when you’re with someone.

8. When you feel drained every time you are with a particular person

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives.

They are super strong women who are there to catch us when we fall, who text us anytime and who are always there to laugh or listen to a story about a bad date.

But if you have someone close to you who gets competitive with you, brags about you all the time, doesn’t take time for you and considers himself or herself more important than you, then that’s a toxic person.

You can list all the reasons why he or she is no longer a great friend, but in the end, your instincts will tell you whether to give him or her one more chance or say goodbye forever.

Your intuition can help you stay away from toxic people or work environments that can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Finally, if you listen to it…

Should we trust our intuition in love?

“I should have trusted my intuition” is a phrase we often hear in everyday life, but also in love. A meeting that destabilises, the feeling that it is the right person or the threat of danger in our relationship… this little inner voice inhabits us without having been invited. It appears as an obviousness fed by the feeling of perceiving a person or a situation with accuracy. Faithful ally for certain situations, a false friend for others, should we really trust it?


here is a certain magic behind love encounters. We are carried away by inexplicable emotions that echo an equally irrational intuition. Like love, intuition cannot be explained. We can, for example, say that a certain aspect – smile, charisma, humour – has attracted us to the other person, without finding the basis of our attraction.

On the other hand, we may be overwhelmed by negative feelings or an unexplained state of alertness towards a person or a situation. This perception, which is offered to us, destabilises us and gives an account of a phenomenon that we cannot control: “He doesn’t inspire me, but maybe I’m wrong”. Uncertainty will persist as long as we have not made the choice to follow or refuse to listen to our inner voice.

Should we trust or distrust our intuition? Is it trustworthy? On the contrary, is it not the bearer of false reality? Indeed, intuition in love, whether negative or hopeful, is not always good to follow. Desire often takes precedence over reality and the projection we make of it distorts our interpretation…our intuition! We then let ourselves be guided by our fears, our fantasies, our beliefs which are in reality only the reflection of manifestations of our past experiences that we are not always ready to accept. It is therefore necessary to take a step back from our love intuitions. Often, these do not turn out to be constructive and only feed our deepest fears and anxieties. So take the time to ask yourself the right questions, to discern reality from illusion, before trusting your intuition!





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