Itchy nipple: why do my breasts itch and what solution?

As on various parts of the body, nipples can be itchy. This often occurs in women. There are several reasons for this, which can be mild or severe. In this case, a doctor should be consulted to find out what is really going on. An itchy nipple should not be ignored. Through this article know when the breasts itch and what to do.  Why does my nipple itch? How to moisturise the nipples? How to protect your nipples? All the answers are in this article.

Itching: why do my breasts itch?

In most cases, it is women who experience itchy nipples. The reasons can be skin-related, pathological or asymptomatic. Do you have an itchy nipple that becomes embarrassing in the long run? Go to your doctor for analysis, especially if it has been happening for several days. In any case, here are the probable causes of itchy nipples:

🌸Dirty or wet underwear,

🌸an allergy: drugs, foods,

🌸Tissues or chemicals dehydration of the skin atopic dermatitis condition

🌸A mark of psoriasis

🌸Entering adolescence, so an increase in breast size

🌸At the onset of the menstrual cycle

🌸A sign of pregnancy a symptom of mastitis(for breastfeeding women)

🌸A side effect of a contraceptive pill is a sign of breast cancer (accompanied by inflammation of the breasts) a sign of Paget’s disease of the nipple(often accompanied by a tumour)

These are the most common causes of an itchy nipple, in addition to small blood-sucking insects of course. From the most superficial to the most serious, you should seek the help of your specialist doctor if your nipple is not just itchy. Indeed, this can be followed by other symptoms such as breast swelling, burning or infection.

What to do if you have an itchy nipple

Here are some guides in case your nipples are itchy. If you’re a teenager with an itchy nipple, it’s probably due to the change in hormones in your body. This means that your breasts will increase in size. Allergy to certain foods can also cause itchy nipples.

If you are a married woman with an itchy nipple, but you have not eaten anything allergic, it is best to do a pregnancy test.

For breastfeeding women, the breasts often itch, especially the nipples. This is because of the wet milk that sticks to the nipple, especially when it comes into contact with the bra fabric. Also, note that the quality or type of fabric in your bra can rub your nipples and make them itch. So remember to know which textile is best for your lingerie.

How to avoid itchy nipples?

Itchy breasts can be avoided. For whatever reason. Indeed, even breast cancer can be prevented with the right precautions. First of all, always make sure that your underwear, even clothes, are washed and dried properly. Choose non-synthetic fabrics, especially if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Also, drink plenty of water to avoid dry skin. Also, don’t eat foods that are too chemical or that you are allergic to. In any case, an itchy nipple should not be ignored at any cost. It is always advisable to call your doctor as soon as possible if you have any doubts.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say.



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