How to wear women’s cargo trousers in style?

Directly imported from the 90s, cargo trousers, which are actually the same thing as fatigues, are military-inspired trousers that are usually high-waisted, body-hugging and ankle-length.

With a comeback, last season and a craze that doesn’t seem to be ending, cargo trousers are one of the most desirable pieces of the moment.

We tell you everything you need to know to wear women’s cargo trousers in style.

What are cargo trousers?

They are easily recognisable thanks to their cut, the multitude of pockets that mark their belonging to the boyish and army registers and the colours in which they are most often found, i.e. typical military colours such as khaki, beige, black or even a camouflage pattern.

Very fashionable today, women’s cargo trousers are available in many cuts, which allows them to adapt to the desires and morphologies of each woman.

Cargo trousers: for which body type?

If women’s cargo trousers are ultra-trendy, they are unfortunately not made for all morphologies, at least in their traditional version. We take stock.

You are rather tall and thin

With this type of figure, you can pretty much afford anything in terms of cargo trousers. The classic cut is ideal for you as it will emphasize your waist while adding a little volume to your legs, a winning combination.

You are rather tall with a shape

If you are tall and luscious, choose straight-cut or wide-legged cargo trousers and avoid models that are tight around the ankles, which tend to make you look thicker. Also watch out for pockets that, if placed high on the hips, for example, can seriously weigh down the figure

You are rather small and thin

The smallest among us would be well advised to opt for high-waisted cargo trousers with a slim or straight cut, without elastic at the ankles; the baggy effect it creates is dangerously constricting. To be worn with a cuff and a small heel preferably!

You are rather small with a shape

Smaller and fuller women will benefit from straight cut cargo trousers without too many pockets which, once again, seriously thicken the figure. We advise you to choose a high waist cargo pant model that is not too close to the body.

How to wear women’s cargo trousers in style? Tips and ideas

The cargo pant is a comfortable and comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn in much the same way as a pair of jeans, except that it is much more masculine and casual than a pair of classic raw jeans. So, to create a stylish outfit with women’s cargo trousers, it is advisable to bring a bit of femininity and sophistication, here are our tips and ideas.

Which top to wear with cargo trousers?

There are many tops that can be worn with cargo trousers, but it’s best to go for those that will spice up your look by adding a bit of femininity. For example, a wrap-around blouse, an off-the-shoulder white shirt, a lingerie-inspired tank top or a balloon-sleeved top will look great with cargo trousers.

Don’t hesitate to opt for colours and/or prints that will counter the austere effect of classic military trousers: floral tops, animal prints, polka dots, colour blocks… Indulge yourself!

What shoes to wear with cargo trousers?

In the shoe department, your style and your desires will definitely be the main criteria of choice.

As with tops, we would advise you to opt for elegant and feminine shoes, typically pointed pumps with an asymmetric cut-out or sandals with a geometric heel. However, wearing a pair of sneakers with women’s cargo trousers is not a fashion faux-pas, just make sure you opt for modern and colourful trainers (avoid the plain black leather trainer).

Sock boots with a heel (even a small one) are a great option if you’re wearing straight or wide-leg cargo trousers, as long as you cuff them to generously reveal your ankle.

Which jacket or coat to wear with cargo trousers?

To remain feminine and stylish, avoid anything very casual and/or masculine: aviator jackets, sports coats, oversized denim jackets, etc. It’s better to opt for more feminine and sophisticated items such as patent leather perfectos, trenches, safari jackets, sports coats, blazers, etc.

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