How to stimulate weight loss during sleep?

SLEEP AND WEIGHT LOSS: SIMPLE TIPS TO ADOPT It is easy to promote the elimination of extra calories by sleeping. A few changes in the sleeping environment (bedroom) can be made: temperature and darkness play a key role in stimulating this process. during sleep.

1-Eat a light dinner, and not too late

It is not advisable to eat a large meal shortly before going to bed. Your body will need a lot of time to digest it. In addition, when you eat late, a growth hormone released during the deep sleep phase will store the food as fat rather than as “energy” for the body.

2-Favour proteins at dinner

At dinner, it would be preferable to consume proteins that our body cannot store.

The aim is to force the body to draw the calories it needs at night (to maintain our body temperature, for example) from our reserves.

3-Going to bed in total darkness

A study published in Reader’s Digest shows that sleeping in total darkness allows the body to produce more melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep better and ultimately burn more calories.

So, if your bedroom is near the window, close the shutters, blinds or curtains so that you are not disturbed by outside lights or daylight.

4-Promote cool temperatures in the bedroom

If drinking cold water helps burn more calories, sleeping in a cool room would also help.

In fact, as you were already told, when it is cold, the body works harder to maintain a high body temperature (thermogenesis): as a result, it burns many more calories.

So reducing the room temperature by one or two degrees can help you burn 100 more calories in 24 hours of sleep!

5-Sleeping naked

Sleeping in the nude can help you burn more calories than sleeping with clothes on. This is because the body is colder without clothes on, so it will produce heat to keep itself at a livable temperature and thus burn more calories in the process.

6-Turn off all screens and devices that emit blue light

In addition to disrupting sleep and deep sleep, the blue light would open up the appetite. American research, presented at the SLEEP 2014 congress in Minneapolis, sheds light on this finding.

According to the researchers, exposure to blue light in the evening would increase hunger and alter the basic metabolism.

Indeed, it was found that hunger increased only 15 minutes after the start of blue light exposure. As a result, people’s appetite would be greater and would last for up to two hours after the meal.

7-Get a good night's sleep

For many health reasons, it is recommended to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night. Anything less has a negative impact on the body, particularly in terms of weight.

Indeed, numerous studies have shown that the basic metabolism of people who sleep a full night is 5% higher than that of people who do not sleep enough.

Understand it this way: people who sleep at least 7 hours eliminate 5% more calories than others.


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