How to prepare your skin for the sun?

Like every year, the sun is back. And as soon as we see its first rays, our desire for a beautiful tan also returns.

But beware, tanning is not done in any way. Indeed, our still very pale complexion cannot face the heat of the sun without preparation. Preparing your skin for the sun is essential if you don’t want to find yourself burnt or wrinkled before your time. And yes, getting a tan is not something you can do at any price. To keep your skin beautiful under the sun, you will have to make some effort. In the rest of this article, we will give you our different tips to prepare your skin for the sun. You can finally enjoy a beautiful tan that will last without damaging your skin!

Preparing your body



To prepare your skin for the sun, you need to start by preparing your body. A good diet, food supplements specially designed for exposure to the sun and good sun cream are the essential elements that will help you prepare your skin for the whole summer.

Exfoliate the skin



The best preparation for the skin is exfoliation. In fact, exfoliation is the ultimate secret to keeping a perfect tan that lasts over time. By exfoliating, your skin will better absorb the moisturising products you apply. Having well-cleansed, well-exfoliated and well-moisturised skin is the winning recipe for a radiant tan that will last all summer long.

A good scrub should remove dead skin and impurities. It should allow your skin to breathe better. We advise you to choose an exfoliating treatment adapted to your skin type. To apply it and to exfoliate your skin, the use of a horsehair glove is very effective.

Hydrate the skin



To maintain a perfect tan throughout the summer, hydration is an essential step. You need to hydrate your body from the inside by drinking plenty of water (2 litres a day) and from the outside by applying sun cream, then a classic moisturiser and finally an after-sun treatment. This is a beauty routine that should not be neglected in order to keep your skin beautiful and avoid the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.

Protecting the skin with vitamin C



In addition, to protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun (wrinkles, dryness, spots, etc.), you can rely on vitamin C. Indeed, vitamin C promotes the production of collagen and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. It is often used in facial care products because it helps to create a shield against the sun.

It should be noted that UV rays release substances that destroy the elasticity of the skin. This is why too much sun causes wrinkles to appear early on the face

Choosing the right sun cream



If you want to protect your skin from the sun, you should choose a good quality sun cream. Good sun cream should be easy to apply to the skin and have a protection factor of between 30 and 50.

Don’t forget to put it on as soon as you leave the house. It is not enough to apply it just for sunbathing on the beach or by the pool. You need to apply it every day before you go out. For example, if you are going to have lunch on the terrace, your sun cream will be your best ally to get a tan without blushing like a shrimp. We advise you to keep it in your bag at all times!



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