How to have twins naturally?

Some women want to have twins so that they don’t have to give birth several times; for others, it’s to avoid their child growing up alone. Having twins depends on many factors: ethnicity, hormones, age… Today, several experts believe that it is possible to boost your chances. Here is how to have twins by simple and practical methods.

Determining your chance of having twins

Before asking the question of how to have twins, it is important to determine your chances of becoming pregnant with two babies. A woman has a very low chance of giving birth to twins (3%). There are several factors that determine a woman’s likelihood of giving birth to twins:

🌸If there have already been twins in your family, the percentage for you becomes a little more important. It will be more important if the twins are on your mother’s side;
🌸If you are of African descent, your chance is again multiplied. This will be slightly less if you are of European origin and more so if you are of Asian origin;
🌸If you are well nourished, or even slightly overweight, your chance of having twins will increase further;
🌸If you have had children before, you could also expect to have two children at once.

Some tips for having twins

There are a few tips that can increase your chances of having twins. These are actually a few rules to follow. If you take birth control pills very often, you should stop when you are looking for twins. When you stop taking the pill, in the first few months after the break, the ovary tends to work harder to return to normal function. It is, therefore, possible that it will easily lay two eggs.

There are also foods that are suitable for getting pregnant with twins. These include dairy products and yams. Several studies have shown that women who are trying to have double ovulation are very lucky when they consume milk and milk products.

In addition, there are other foods that can help you to be healthy. Women with a poor diet have almost no chance of having twins. It is even advisable to try to put on a few extra pounds.

Ask your doctor for advice

Doctors are best able to answer the question of how to have twins. Your doctor will help you by suggesting a specific method for getting pregnant with twins.

He or she may suggest in vitro fertilisation with one or more eggs. But the problem is the cost, which is very high. The other option is to use medication such as Clomid, which is generally used for women with fertility problems.

Having twins is possible, but for a better follow-up, it is essential to get in touch with a gynaecologist and to define the chances of having two children during birth.

Drink milk and eat sweet potatoes!

Eating a lot of dairy products could increase the chances of twin pregnancy by up to 5 times! Indeed, dairy products (and also sweet potatoes) contain a hormone with a rather barbaric name: Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF). This hormone has the particularity of resembling oestrogen, the hormone necessary for ovulation. Women of African descent naturally have a high level of IGF in their bodies, which explains why they have a higher rate of twin pregnancies. Don’t be afraid to eat too many sweet potatoes, IGF is also hidden in them!

Certain vitamins can promote twin pregnancies

It seems that a woman lacking in vitamins is less likely to give birth to twins than a woman in good shape. So taking vitamins regularly, especially folic acid supplements, may slightly increase your chances of multiple pregnancies.

However, although folic acid is recommended for all pregnant women because it reduces the risk of malformations in the child and difficult births for the mother, you should not exceed 1000mg per day and always ask your doctor’s advice before taking anything.

Procreating while breastfeeding is a factor in multiple pregnancies

Some scientists claim that having a baby (and for that matter, two babies) while breastfeeding is a key factor in creating multiple pregnancies. This is because while the mother is breastfeeding her previous baby, her body secretes the hormone FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), which favours false-twin pregnancies.

Much more significant natural factors

But the real determinants of a twin pregnancy are :

Heredity: women with a twin have a 95% higher chance of having twins in turn. The case of heredity also applies to children of mothers with twins.
Maternal age: it seems that the older the mother-to-be is, the higher her chances of having a twin pregnancy (up to a 17% higher chance for a person over 45) because she naturally produces more hormones that stimulate ovulation. Another age-related factor is that women over 40 are more likely to use medically assisted reproduction (ovarian stimulation or in vitro fertilisation), which more often results in multiple pregnancies.
The number of children: the more children the mother-to-be has, the greater the chances of expecting twins or triplets.

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