How does a man in love make love: 7 Practices he won’t do to every woman

How a man in love makes love, here are three practices that he will not do to all women.
So we all know that a man does not have to be in love to make love to a woman. However, when he is in love and makes love, the sexual intercourse will not be the same as when he is not in love.

Why is this? Because a man can make love in a mechanical, physical way, but a man who is in love will let go in his way of communicating with you during sex.
Let’s discover together The 3 Practices He Does Only When He Is In Love

Practice 1: He looks you in the eye

A man in love will not hesitate to make Love with the woman he loves by looking into her eyes. In fact by creating a bond with her, a Connection.

When a man is generally attached to the mechanical aspect, to the exciting aspect and is not focused on the pleasure of the other, he will often look at his penis during sex.

He will look at his penis going back and forth, and this will excite him and the pleasure will be concentrated only on Him.

Whereas, when a man is really in love and focused on a woman, he wants to give her pleasure and be at the peak of their relationship.

2nd practice: He tells you things

Not necessarily things about sex, but things about feelings. So concretely, when a man starts to tell you that he is attached to you, that he likes to spend time with you, that he likes your attitude during sex, in short, he starts to express things that are more intimate, in the literal sense, generally, it’s a good sign. Why is that?
Because otherwise, a man is not going to take the time to do that, a man is just going to focus again on the mechanical aspect, of ejaculating, of just having sex;
Not all men talk in bed, but a man in love won’t hesitate to express his feelings to you during sex and that’s particularly sweet.

3rd practice: The attention he gives you after sex

After sex, when a man pays attention to you in bed, cuddles you, takes time for you, thank you etc., it is usually a very good sign. Instead of sleeping, or going home or running away like a thief, it’s usually a very good sign because sex, in general, is a tiring sport lol, I say Sport haha ha, so if, despite this tiredness, he decides to give you some attention time it’s because he’s really in love my love.

In general, when he reacts like that, he doesn’t want the moment to stop, he feels good with you, loves spending time with you.

4th practice: Kiss after kiss!

Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips and passionate kisses burn 6.4 calories per minute! So if your man keeps kissing you over and over again, in any place, it means he REALLY loves you! Men like to show the connection they have with their woman by kissing her in public. They also seem to be unable to control themselves, so more kisses mean more love.

5th practice: hugging, shaking and kissing

We are not talking about domestic violence (that is the opposite of love!). If he really loves you, he must love everything about you. This obviously includes your body. He will pat you on the buttocks from time to time. He will grab you and then squeeze you and kiss you every chance he gets! This is his way of showing how much he loves your body.

6th practice: Snuggle up to your chest

You are your man’s wife and he is your man. He will feel comfortable with you and put his head on your chest (near your heart) and he will feel safe. There is no better feeling in the world than to feel your man snuggled up to you, as he forgets all his worries and stress. He loves you and believes in you.

7th practice: Sexy fantasies

Communication is the key to any relationship. If your partner loves you, they will trust you and tell you about their wildest desires and fantasies (who knows, maybe you might even like some of them). When someone opens up to you without hesitation and trusts you, they are truly in love with you.

Other things that only a man in love does

He carries your stuff

If he starts carrying your things, like your purchases or your purse, then he doesn’t care how other men see him because he is already full of love for you.

He shops for you

If your man loves you, you can ask him for anything you want. He will make himself happy by making you happy like going shopping for you.

He remembers the little things

If you are really important to him, he will remember the smallest details. How you like your coffee, how you like to be kissed, how you like to be touched, he will remember these things because you are his goddess, and he loves you!

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