Hair removal: 12 foolproof tips for painless hair removal

Is it the Lockdown effect or a feeling of being fed up with conforming to what society would like us to do, that makes us put off the day of our waxing all the time? Unless it’s the fear of suffering the agony of removing our wax strip with a sharp blow… Fortunately for the hairy girls of the gang in search of beardless armpits, we have a few infallible techniques for painless waxing; or almost!

It should be noted that the hair on our bodies does not grow for anything and exists for a reason: to protect ourselves from temperature changes and external aggressions. But let’s face it, getting under our sheets with soft legs is such a pleasure that we accept to hurt ourselves; as little as possible of course.

1/Wait a few hours after coffee

As caffeine is an energizer, consuming it just before hair removal may increase the sensation of pain.

2/Not during menstruation

Due to the high levels of hormones, your body is more sensitive just before and during your period. The best time to wax is 3-4 days after your period ends.

3/ Soothe redness with oil

To reduce small red marks, moisturize the sensitized area with sweet almond oil, which calms and nourishes. 

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4/ Apply an ice cube to the area to be waxed

The cold anaesthetise and desensitises your skin. However, this should be avoided if you opt for hot waxing.

5/ Find a distraction

Phone a friend or even wax together to make it a bit more enjoyable. Watching a series will also keep your mind occupied, focusing more on the television than on the possible pain.

6/ Release the tension and breathe well

Release the tension before you begin and when you remove the wax, take a deep breath. If you are tense, your skin will be tense and it will be more difficult to remove the hair.

7/ Exfoliate your skin

Use a glove, brush or your hands to gently scrub the areas a few days before waxing. Exfoliation will remove dead skin and any ingrown hairs so that the moment of waxing will be less painful.

8/Use the epilator in the shower

The electric epilator is very practical but sometimes very painful. In the shower, if your epilator is waterproof, the pain will be less severe.

9/Choosing the right method

Prefer cold wax if you suffer from blood circulation problems, as hot wax is very bad.

10/ Avoid deodorant right after

In general, any product containing alcohol, which could sting you and make you immediately regret your action.

11/ Have the right gesture

Apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove it from the opposite direction of hair growth.

12 /Apply talcum powder

On wet areas such as the armpits, applying talcum powder will help the wax adhere to the skin and thus reduce the pain, or at least its duration.

5 myths about painless hair removal

1. Is there such a thing as painless hair removal?


Depilatory creams are the preferred method of hair removal for those who are more comfortable. And it is also an excellent alternative for those who like to shave. Compared to the effects of the razor, they allow a less prickly regrowth because the hair is not cut at an angle, and slower, within 2 to 3 days. They also have the advantage of being less aggressive as there is no risk of burning.

2. Is waxing with cold wax strips the most painful method?


Cold wax strips are very pleasant to use when used properly. As with other hair removal methods, there are a few steps to follow in order to use cold wax strips correctly.

The first step is to heat the wax well. And yes, it is best to warm the cold wax strips in your hands beforehand. The hotter the wax, the easier it will be to remove the hair.

The cold wax strips should then be applied to the affected area in the direction of hair growth, and then quickly reheated by rubbing the fabric, still in the direction of growth.

Then comes the plucking, which is imperatively done in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The aim is to remove the hair, not the skin!

3. Does hair removal always cause pain and redness?


All skin types are different and have their own specificities.

For some, hair removal is a quick and easy ritual that does not irritate the skin. But for others, epilation is a more laborious step.

For the most sensitive skin, redness and itching can occur after hair removal. Moisturising and protecting the skin is therefore essential to avoid further sensitisation.

4. Is waxing too painful if I have blood circulation problems?


It depends of course on the way you choose to do your waxing.

If you have blood circulation problems, it is highly recommended not to use hot waxes. Instead, use cold waxes,

5. Is strip-free peelable wax much more painful than other waxes?


Strip waxing is not more painful than other methods of hair removal. It is if the wax is heated too high, in which case there may be a risk of burns.

The heat of the wax causes the pores to expand, which makes it easier to pull out the hair, and therefore it has strong adhesion.

Strip wax is ideal for small, sensitive areas of the body and face and provides effective, long-lasting hair removal from short, coarse hairs.

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