Gym tutorial: 10 movements, 10 minutes and concrete abs

If you are rather busy and have very little time to devote to exercise but don’t want to leave out the maintenance of your abs, short training sessions are the right compromise. So, if 10 minutes of exercise seems relatively short, you should know that these express routines are based on the principle of linking several small exercises. During this short period of time, the effort will be all the more intense as it will be continuous. It is also important to know that all of the proposed postures are to be done twice.

So, are you ready?

1- The board

Here, it is presented in its classic version, that is to say in support on the hands and the tip of the feet, with the body quite straight. It is from this position that all the following exercises will be performed. 

2- The Pike

Supported on the forearms and the tip of the feet, the goal will be to raise the buttocks upwards. It will be necessary however to take care never to dig the back to avoid any injury.

3- The “Rainbow Pike

In the position of sheathing but on the forearms, it is going to be a question of taking its basin towards the left, then towards the right and so on. However, at no time should you take off your forearms or your feet from the ground.

4- Lumbar (or Superman exercise)

Lying on the stomach, the goal is to simultaneously lift the arms but also the upper chest and the legs. It is a very good exercise to prevent back pain.

5 and 6- Side plank (to be done on both sides)

To begin, stand on the left side of your body, leaning on your left forearm too. With the help of your feet, you will have to raise your pelvis, so that your body forms an alignment. Finally, raise your opposite arm to the sky. Hold, then change sides.

7- The spider

The starting posture is that of the classic plank, with the difference that instead of only spreading your legs, you will also have to spread your arms.

8-  “Diagonal Leg Slice”

Lying on your back, you raise your legs at first, so that they form a right angle with the rest of your body. Is it done? While keeping one leg in the air, you will lower the opposite one, taking care to go as much as possible to the side.

9- Reverse crunch

Still lying on your back, you will put your arms along your body. Then, by taking support on your arms, you raise your pelvis. Go back down slowly, then start again.

10- The bridge

It is in a way, the same exercise as the plank except that this time, you are not leaning on your forearms but on your hands.

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