Body positive, love your body!

“Lose your extra pounds before summer”, “Get your body ready for summer”, “Summer is coming, do you have your summer body?”… You have probably seen these sentences many times. STOP! Are we talking about a “winter” or “spring body”? No, never. So, that would mean that we can have the body we want… As long as it is covered. On the other hand, in summer, when we show it, it should correspond to a standard that we would be imposed? We walk on the head! We have the right to have the body we want when we want, and if others don’t like it, they just have to turn their heads away. And it’s the time of idleness, dresses, shorts, ice creams and refreshing drinks, aperitifs on the terrace, barbecues, escapes… Summer is the season of possibilities! So, let’s love our body: let’s be body positive!

The body and its complexes…

Did you know that? In Chinese medicine, summer is the season of the Fire element. It is the season of joy, of energy at its zenith, when the body, after having rested all winter and having accumulated energy, will finally shine! So, I can’t tell you to stop feeling self-conscious, and I can’t change the way you look at yourself overnight. But I can tell you one thing: You are BEAUTIFUL!
Are you smiling? Well, you’re right!

Body positive: Smile, love your body
your body!

You are not just a body, you are not just weight, biceps, abs or a chest! No. You are a story, a personality, you are a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter… You have your baggage, your joys and your sorrows with you and it is ALL OF THIS that makes you beautiful! We don’t live in a fashion magazine! We get up every day, we manage our lives, our problems, our jobs, our families, the good and the bad times, in short, the daily life! It leaves marks and then?

Anybody after four hours of make-up and forty retouchings on a photo software can be a model! Thus, there is not a type of body, a perfect physique, as we want to believe that all day long. Life is diverse. So, if the magazines make you believe the opposite, close them, and look around you instead, real life is here! The real work, the real challenge, is not to have the body that we want to sell you, but to accept yourself as you are. And being body positive is a constant work on yourself!

Body positive: free your body from dictates!

What does it matter what strangers think on a beach, those who may stop on your physique … The pounds they find you in excess are as many neurons that we can countless! Imagine being on vacation and being bored enough to worry about other people’s looks? It’s ABSOLUTELY TRISTORY if you think about it! So, never be ashamed of yourself, of your body, never be ashamed of being the way you are, and above all, never deprive yourself of living because of other people’s looks! So, if one day you have to change your body, be sure to do it for YOU, only for YOU and especially not to satisfy others.

Love yourself as you are, life goes by quickly, why waste so much time and energy hurting yourself? Show yourself, be proud of yourself and if there are parts of your body that you want to improve, do it in a good frame of mind. Be in agreement with yourself and your assets before thinking of eradicating your defects. Eliminating a defect does not necessarily transform it into an asset, so if you eliminate all your defects, but you have never become aware of your assets, how do you want to appreciate your image one day? 0 defect + 0 assets = a woman who still feels bad about herself, it’s a vicious circle! Highlight your assets and love them deeply, that’s the key 😉


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