8 Ways To Be A Strong And Independent Woman

According to you what is a strong and independent woman, this is what we will discover together in this article? follow me!


We, women, are the ones who give life, it is thanks to one of us that someone breathes, thanks to our mothers that we breathe. The image of women is often wrong because many people think that we are weak but you know that women are STRONG. 


We carry the world on our backs thanks to our qualities. The dream of each one of us: to be fulfilled and independent throughout our lives. Here are 8 keys to achieving this goal. Become a Strong and independent woman now 

1-Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the first secret of success. Self-confidence is above all knowing yourself, believing in your potential and your abilities. Self-confidence is one of the qualities that differentiates those who succeed from those who fail. The importance of confidence is therefore not a point on which there is too much debate.

If self-confidence were a subject taught at school, it would probably be the most important one. Why is this? Because self-confidence is one of the most important qualities in life. It is indeed an indicator of success and achievement. Do not underestimate the importance of self-confidence. It can completely change your life for the better.

There are many benefits that flow from self-confidence and I will mention a few of them:

  • The more self-confident you are, the less disappointed you are when you are rejected. Whether it is a letter of rejection or rejection in a personal relationship. Generally, those who are afraid of being rejected do not believe in their abilities.
    The more confident you are in taking risks, the more you will seize the opportunities that come your way.
  • The more self-confident you are, the less you will be affected by negative criticism.
  • The more self-confident you are, the less anxious you will be. One of the major reasons for anxiety is that you doubt your ability to handle a situation. But when you are sure that you can handle a situation well, you do not feel anxious.
    When you have self-confidence, you feel worthy regardless of your social or economic standing. This is true even if you are not rich or don’t have someone who loves you.
  • Self-confidence allows you to be loved by other people. People like to have confident people around them. 
  • Regaining self-confidence will therefore allow you to be a role model for many people.
  • Self-confidence allows you to be less exposed to depression.
    By developing your self-confidence, you will be less jealous of other people. (Yes, jealousy is a nasty flaw).

2-stop being emotionally dependent

Are you emotionally dependent? If so, you’ll have to stop. Emotional dependence is very painful and tends to increase over time. You can love well without depending on anyone. Know one thing, nothing lasts forever, my darling. It is only You and You alone. Don’t deprive anyone of your Love but you will have to learn to take things into account. Don’t count on anyone. Only on you AND GOD who remains eternal. It is therefore important not to let your entourage determine your happiness, disappointment can quickly happen.   

What are the signs that you are emotionally dependent? Keep reading with me, so here’s what I’m going to give you some signs.

  • You Regularly Want to hear from people whether as a couple in a friendship or other relationship: One of the main signs of emotional dependency is that you always feel the need to be in contact with the other person, whether on social networks or otherwise
  • You don’t do any project alone: whether you’re going out or planning a holiday, you always include someone
    it may look like Love but when you totally forget to please yourself oh Lalala it becomes negative.
  • In Love Relationship you miss your man in a very short period of time: Your darling leaves for work in the morning in less than an hour and you are already missing him/her
    You feel bad when he spends time with his friends or family. Instead of him enjoying himself and spending time with your family, your friends, it’s not all about him. 
  • You never say NO :
    For fear of avoiding conflict or for fear of losing a relationship You do not set limits ashh where the dignity has gone my beautiful. Learn to impose yourself. 

So do you see yourself among these signs, don’t worry, there must be a cause or causes that can explain these signs. I assume that to solve a particular problem, it is necessary to know the origin of the problem;

I assume that to solve a particular problem, it is necessary to know the origin of the problem; There are two explanations for this 

Your childhood and its impact on your current life

Who can deny that the fact of having lacked love during your childhood can push you to look for that Love you never had? You will be constantly seeking the approval of the people around you.

Your sentimental past

If you have experienced sentimental disappointment, adultery or betrayal
or a relationship with a perverse narcissistic manipulator, your
doubts will grow because a negative transfer is taking place.
We often assimilate what we have experienced before by comparing it to what we have experienced before.  lives today, and yet one must be aware that each partner is  different. But that doesn’t exempt anyone from working on themselves to overcome their emotional dependence or his love paranoia. The goal is to let go completely in their life as a couple and to put a positive energy of active way.
You won’t be able to save your couple or control your emotions if you do not increase your personal confidence over time. It is at this level that the link between personal development and Love is most important. 

Lack of confidence and love addiction
Lack of self-confidence is often at the root of emotional dependence.
Like many people, you are constantly doubting your qualities and you have the impression that you are not up to your partner’s expectations? And yet, if you are in a couple today it is because he/she is and wants to live a passionate story with you and your family, and to be a part of it. you! There is nothing more painful than to feel your partner doubting you. and that is why your behaviour can lead to a separation from the family.


3- Using the worst to make the best

Behind every great ordeal lies a great blessing. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Using the worst to make the best Means It is the worst trials that forge you, your worst trials that reveal who you are and above all the worst trials that really show you who you really are. Use these worst trials to bring out your best victories. Know that life is an ordeal in itself. Fall to better get up. In order to become a strong and independent woman, you have to face several challenges. 

4-Accept to live in an unjust world

You live in a world where there is much more injustice than justice and this should not impact the strong woman that you are. Whether you have experienced racism or not, stay strong and be aware of who you are. When you are attacked do not weaken. Fight for your rights, dreams and opinions Strong and independent woman

5-Put your ambitions into action

Do you have ambitions? Yes. Then put them into action. It’s all well and good to have ambitions, but putting them into action is even better. It doesn’t matter how many failures you suffer, how much Energy it takes, how many tears you shed, how much money you invest, how many sacrifices you make, you can say that after the effort comes to comfort. No benefit is easily acquired my pretty one. For my part I can’t count the number of times I shed tears because I couldn’t take it anymore, in the end, I did it I did it and you can do it too.

6-Stay motivated and determined

Stay motivated and determined every day of your life, don’t settle for what you have. Don’t show a man that you are lacking anything, show that you are fighting to get what you want in life. Always give the best of yourself in everything you do, don’t do anything by halves! You are a woman and you have value, what you want, if you want it, you will get it.

7-Don't worry about others

Always relying on what others think is torture you inflict on yourself. Be aware that the only opinion that counts is your own. Judgements should not be your priority but take into account advice that will help you grow. You don’t give a damn about what people think of you. This Is Me. I’m not going to change for anyone in the world if I change then I’m only changing for myself. 

8-Trust in God

Sorry if this last part will shock you but it is the most important part. But if you really want to become a strong and independent woman, being close to God will help you, we can’t prevent what will happen to us from one day to the next. Whatever your religion or your relationship with God, I am not here to judge you. But whoever finds God finds happiness And Nobody can’t break a woman who seeks her happiness from God.
Behind every strong woman, there is God.
I know what I’m talking about because it’s brought me a lot in my life and I share it with you.
please note that everything I teach you I have tested them on myself before and IT work.

If we go back to the dictionary definition I gave at the beginning of the article, we can see that courage is inseparable from action. Having principles is good. Putting them into practice is better! The society in which we live is so far removed from Christian principles of faith and morals that we can be tempted to drop everything and blend in. Or to waffle on some of our principles so as not to feel too marginal, as it were. But “courage is about being yourself every day in a world that tells you to be someone else” (anonymous). This manifests itself in the small things as well as in the big things, in our daily life choices, in our clothes, in the way we talk and have fun, in the way we behave with our neighbours, in the way we practice our faith.

To be a strong woman is not to crush others or to be able to do everything by yourself. The strong woman described in the Book of Proverbs (I am talking about it here) is a woman who is submissive to God, who does good, is faithful to the truth and gives herself to others without counting the cost, without complaining or falling into vanity. She has great moral strength, acts in spite of difficulties, and does not shrink from suffering. She is neither lazy nor a coward.

Thus, a strong and courageous woman is definitely not the one who will crush others, nor the one who will have no other objective than to be self-sufficient. No, the strong woman is the one who will remain humble in her place, the one who will know how to give herself without counting the cost all the days of her life, the one who will be capable of making difficult decisions for her own good and that of her soul, the one who will have the courage to fight against her faults, the one who will have courage in the trials of life, the one who will know how to trust in the Lord and draw courage from prayer, the one who will have the humility to be helped by others when necessary, the one who will have the strength to remain herself, not to let go of her principles and to remain a true Christian woman, whatever she is told.


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